Furnace Filters

What is your experience regarding changing furnace filters - would you expect tenants to pay the cost of filters and entrust responsibility for regular changes to them?  My gut tells me it it better for the owner (via the property manager) to retain control of this, but I'd appreciate your thoughts. On a similar note, I state in the lease that tenants are to pay for light bulbs.  [However, I'm convinced tenants seldom pay close attention to such lease terms.]  Any thoughts on whether taking reponsibility for light bulbs has an up-side, for example a reason for more frequent access to the unit?

For what it is worth, I expect...

For what it is worth, I expect tenants to replace bulbs and leave a package of four CFLs in the linen closet. I want to replace HVAC filters myself. I am motivated in both by the fact that I pay the utilities and so have a vested interest in anything that affects the utility bills.

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