Gut Feelings About a Prospective Tenant

Are "gut feelings" about a future tenant something to go on?  Or, do I completely rely on the "person on paper"? What is wrong with all these people with their shady credit? How about the lady today that tells me she had a pit bull?    I'm just not sure about anyone!

I'm a big fan of the gut feeli...

I'm a big fan of the gut feeling, becuase sometimes there's just something there that you can't quite put your finger on. The biggest thing you'll want to avoid is anything that can be construed as discrimination (take a look at the Fair Housing Act here: You'll also want to check about any local laws that might add to this. The key is consistancy. Make sure that you have a regular method of checking on people. If you're going to run a credit check on one person, run it on everyone. Hope that helped!

Definately agree on being cons...

Definately agree on being consistent with everyone about the credit checks and the same process for everyone. But if you have a good feeling about someone try to make sure you are not being swayed by appearences or occupation (bad or good).  I once had a pastor and his wife rent for 6 months and their children litrally tore up the yard, debarked a tree, put holes in another tree, ruined the fence and ruined the carpet in one of the rooms. And, they stopped watering the lawn! I thought for sure a "man of the cloth" would be a honest and decent person. Instead I got someone who could care less for my property and treated it like dirt. And they were really bad to the neighbors. Go figure.

I agree. Follow your gut. More...

I agree. Follow your gut. More than the credit or paper- get them to tell their story- why do you have lates? Why was your job? Why did you lose it? How many jobs have you had? How are things with your employer? Tell me about your family? The more they talk- the more you know. Make it conversational but require them to spend 1-2 hours telling their story/. You will quickly identify pros and cons

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