Hot Water Heater Waiver

We have a tenant that wants her hot water to be hotter.  I have heard that some other landlords have had their tenants sign a waiver or release of liability before they will increase the temperature of the hot water, since there is a risk of scalding if only the hot water in the sink is turned on.  I was wondering if anyone has heard of this, or has used a waiver like this.  I have searched the internet but haven't found anything similar.  Thanks!

Its probably not a bad idea to...

Its probably not a bad idea to do this, but I would think that a simple document would be fine. I am not a lawyer, but it should not take too much legal language, just a statement that the tenant is requesting it, that it presents the XYZ possibilities and that the tenant will not hold the LL liable for the consequences. Really just documentation that you had the conversation with the tenant really.

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