Insurance for Student Rentals

We are new to the landlord business and have students as tenants.  Anybody know of any companies besides AllState that will offer insurance?  I'd like to see some lower numbers, one property we are paying 50% more than the last landlord and another we are looking at more than twice the amount.  I think one previous owner denied having students as renters and we are still waiting to hear who the second property was insured by- just got our offer on the property accepted.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kelly 1). Who you are renting ...

Kelly 1). Who you are renting too should not impaxct insurance pricing. 2) dig into the deductable and coverage amounts-mack sure pricing accurate 3) don't skimp - go with a larger company. It's worth it. 4) look into umbrella protection God luck

Mrs. Monopoly, Thanks for your...

Mrs. Monopoly, Thanks for your answer.  Apparently, it DOES matter who I rent to.  Every company I talk to asks if there will be student renters, and all but one so far say they do not offer policies for student rentals.  I don't want to skimp on insurance- it is ultimately to protect me anyhow.  I do want more than one quote to compare.  There have been less expensive quotes from companies for comparable coverage to what I am paying for now, then they ask about student rentals and deny coverage.  I don't know if the budget numbers I am seeing from the landlords we are purchasing from are policies that are 'grandfathered in'- if they had a policy before the exclusion of student rentals maybe they weren't denied coverage.  From what I understand, this is a recent, as in the last 12-24 months, change.  It is also possible that they lied about the renters, which I won't do.  It would ultimately backfire on me anyhow if there is a claim or if they find out- Either we wouldn't be covered or it'd be insurance fraud. I will look into umbrella protection as well, thanks. I did find one more company that will offer a policy, I am meeting with them Tuesday and will let you know how it goes.

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