Online Rent Payments

I'm thinking aobut excepting online rent payments. Any thoughts? Advice? I would really like to know the good and the bad and weigh all my options.

I use it and I love it. It cut...

I use it and I love it. It cuts down on halding paper checks and money orders.

Thanks! :)...

Thanks! :)

What company did you use to se...

What company did you use to set up your online payments?.  I am a property manager and wanted to start accepting on-line payments.

It's not made for landlords, b...

It's not made for landlords, but I've been using Paypal. It works pretty well for me.

LandlordStation is actually wo...

LandlordStation is actually working on something along these lines for our customers. It should be out in the first part of the year. Please also remember that there is a button in the top right for submitting product ideas. It's a great place to let us know if there is a need for a new product. We'd love to hear everyone's ideas!

I've been pretty happy with er...

I've been pretty happy with - costs $3 per transaction, and you can choose whether that fee is pass along to the landlord or the tenant. Great for small time landlords like me.  I would be using them more than I currently am if one of my older tenants wasn't skeptical of using online payment methods in general. It will also let you configure things like whether the charge is automated on the 1st or they manually choose submit payment.

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