Playground liability

I own a small apartment complex and several of my tenants have younger kids. I always keep myself open to suggestions about how to improve the common areas and such, and a couple of the moms approached me about possibly putting in a small playground for the kids. They said they were willing to help with the cost and everything (certainly more than what some tenants offer when they ask me for things!), and I think it's a great idea.... I'm just worried about liabilities. It seems like people get sued for everything nowdays. What's the best way to handle this? Clearly posted rules? As long as the playground is maintained, will those keep me from liability if one of the kids hurts themselves?

I don't have a playground on a...

I don't have a playground on any of my properties, but I believe as long as you keep it properly maintained and it is up to standards for any saftey rules and regulations, you should be fine. I would think it would follow the same basic rules as the rental property, you know? If a tenant hurts themselves because the landlord hasn't maintained the property well, then the landlord is liable, but not if the tenant simply klutzes out or something like that. Like I said, though, I don't keep a playground on any properties, so I wo uld do some more checking on this. A sign sounds like a good cushion to that though. I would definately do that.

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