Roommates via travel trailer hooked up to water and electricty

I have a tenant that has been renting the same property since 1996 and has always paid rent. Recently I noticed the water usage spike and after investigating I found he had another couple move a travel trailer onto the property and have it hooked up to power, water and cable etc...this is a 600 square foot house that already has three people living in it. I want to address this without a lot of drama but I don't know how to discuss it with the tenant in legal terms. How exactly is he violating the rental agreement?  I could just raise the rent but I am also concerned with liability issues and the community. Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated....

I can understand not wanting t...

I can understand not wanting to rock the boat too much with a tenant that's been with you that long. Impressive, but you do pose some valid concerns. There are a lot of variables to this, and the answers may depend on those. The first thing that comes to mind is the details of your lease agreement. Do you have anything in there in reference to guests? Most landlords will have details about how long a tenant's guest may stay. Do you have anything about subletting in your lease? This would pertain to the entire property, no matter if it's just the driveway. That's still the property that you own and are leasing to them, therefore is under the lease agreement. You might also want to check with the city for any laws that they have in regards to this. Depending where you live (or where the property is) they may have rules about where the trailer can be parked and for how long. I think some places will let you keep it in your driveway for a day or two, but not for an extend period of time. If you have an HOA, you can check with them as well to see what their regulations are in regards to this. If you can find that either of these entities will not allow it, that might lessen the potential confrontation between you and your tenant over the matter.I would think, though, that with such a long-term tenant (especially one that you seem to have a good relationship with) that you might be able to speak rationally with them. I hope this helps. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

Do you cover their bills or ju...

Do you cover their bills or just a part of them? One of the ways you might be able to keep this from happening is to put a cap on how much you will cover.

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