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Small repairs on hold for major

I own several properties, including a very small group of apartments with six units. I'm doing some major repairs on three of them and it's taking up my maintanence worker's entire schedule because he has to oversee most of it. One tenant that is living in one of the units that is not being worked on issued a work order for a bedroom door that won't stay closed. In other words, if the air conditioner kicks on it might open it. Comparitively, it seems like a very small order (not something that couldn't wait a couple of days) and so I told him that we'd have to fit it into my maintenence guy's week and it would be a few days before he could get to it. He was not at all happy with this and started telling me that it needed to be fixed immediately. Does it? I thought that as long as it was done in a reasonable manner it was OK.

I would think some of this dep...

I would think some of this depends on details such as if there are roommates and such, but it's not a danger for the tenant. Assuming that it's not weeks on end, couldn't he block the door closed when he needs to? Just temporarily?

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