Snow removal - who is responsible?

I know that if you manage a large property with multiple units you're responsible for making sure the walkways are safe and everything from ice and snow, but what about single family units such as a house?

I think, typically, apartment ...

I think, typically, apartment complexes and such are responsible for snow and ice and such, but with single family units, I believe the tenant usually takes care of it.

Typically single family reside...

Typically single family residence tenants are expected to take care of lawn and snow, but it should also say so in the lease agreement.

I would suggest looking at you...

I would suggest looking at your specific state laws to make sure you are covered for liability. In some states visitors of renters may slip on the ice and follow-up with a law suit.  So definitly make sure you follow the proper legal requirements to protect yourself.  I have a rental in Utah and one of my units is in a complex where our Condo fee increased by 20% due to a lawsuit from an Ice-snow based accident. 

Agree with last post.  Be sure...

Agree with last post.  Be sure to check local laws as you may be liable even if the tenants was supposed to shovel in the lease.

You obviously want to check yo...

You obviously want to check your state law on this one.  One thing I would suggest though is hiring a business to do snow removal for you.  Hiring a company has a few advantages.  One, it should help provide a layer of protection between you and any possible lawsuits.  Two, you don't have to worry about how responsible your tenants may or may not be.  Yard care has been a point of contention in the past with one of my duplexes because the tenant that was suppose to be responsible was erratic at best.  It is easier to fire a company that is doing a poor job, than it is a tenant that is still living in your property.  And finally, it can be a great selling point when advertising your place.

I like the idea of hiring a co...

I like the idea of hiring a company for this, even in single-family. I feel like it may cost a little more, but it does away with a lot of potential stress and you can always wrap it into the rent, just like yard care.

You can have it either way, ju...

You can have it either way, just spell it out in the lease and make sure you point it out to the tenant when they sign so you don't get a phone call at 4 am wondering why the driveway isn't plowed. We also put in our leases that plowing the driveway does not constitute an emergency and it can be done at any point during the day. That way we are not fielding calls from tenants at 7 am when the plow guy can't get there until 2 pm. We stress that providing plow service is a priviledge not a right.

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