Tenant breaks door - who pays?

So my tenant had to break into his apartment because he said that the lock stuck. He's never complained bout this before, but he did some severe damage to the door to get in. He says it's my place to buy a new one and have it repared on my dime. The door was just fine to begin with, by the way.

I've seen many of your comment...

I've seen many of your comments on the community.. Great information and detail.  I am 100% on your side on this one.. The tenant need to pay for the door.  If they are not willing to do so, just make a note of it and deduct the charge from the deposit when they move out.

If the tenant did break the do...

If the tenant did break the door they are liable for the repair.  That does not mean you do not fix it, but after it is repaired you bill the tenant.  If the tenant does not pay it could be grounds for terminating the lease.

I agree with the previous post...

I agree with the previous posters..it is the tenants responsibility to pay. He should have called you for a lock out before damaging the property.

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