Tenants and Repairs

I have a tenant that likes to do his own repairs. I've never had a problem with this, he's very good at it, and our system of deducting the cost of the supplies from his rent has been very smooth so far. A couple weeks ago he injured himself on a project. It required stitches and a hospital visit, obviously. He'll be fine, but he's saying that I should pay for his expenses. I feel like this is a bit much, but I also don't want to break the law if that's what it says. Anyone know?

I would foot half of the bill....

I would foot half of the bill. Or, if it's not extreme, all of it. Every time he is doing the repair he is saving you money and hassle. It would be a gesture of goodwill to take care of him.

Tenants not cooperating with realtor

I have a duplex listed for sale, it's under contract, but the tenants will now not let us have access for inspections, or say they will be there, and aren't. The seller lives out of state. What should the seller do to? The sales contract is contingent on repairs... contractor can't get in..

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