Vetting a contractor

What's the best way to vet a contractor to do work on your property?

Excellent question- and a grea...

Excellent question- and a great idea that you should request a service offering for by placing an idea in the product idea tab for the community. 1) make sure they are bonded and insured 2) everyone has a website- so don't let fancy pics fool you. Instead ask for reference 3) odds are you live near someone - who participates in this community and they may know a qualified contractor. 4) be specific, get in writing a statement of work with hat they will complete and associated cost 5) "surprise items" vet out all possible increased cost items with a project before you sign an agreement. Someone who is a master in his craft will hit all the key probable items, hence they can't come back with a "surprise" and ask for a lot more money. 6) be kind- respect their time, treat them well and show appreciation and they are more likely to be fair to you. 7) establish framework up front that you want a long term relationship for future work- this has many advantages or both parties - hoping to hear more suggestions from other members

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