What is the number one reason tenants are denied?

I htink it would be any previous evictions.. what other criteria have you used?

Their credit report should tel...

Their credit report should tell you a lot.  We get lots of people with a terrible credit history, including accounts in collection.

Section 8 and history of bad u...

Section 8 and history of bad upkeep of properties. When Section 8 pays 100% of rent, tenants usually also end up not paying utility bills

I really like that, thanks for...

I really like that, thanks for posting.

Section 8 OK

I've had good luck with Sec 8: The county pays their part, about 67%, by direct deposit rite on time. I do check references, school enrolment etc, but mostly I listen to HOW they speak, HOW they present their case. If it sounds like sugar coated lies, it is. If they are forthright about some financial transgressions and employment, etc checks out then I am inclined to believe them and say OK.

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