Who has to pay for repairs?

I am new to all of this, so bear with me.  My tenant told me in passing that her kitchen drain was draining slowly.  While I was out of town, I guess it really got clogged and she had someone out to snake the drain.  I didn't realize it was that bad or I would have had it taken care of it.  Now she wants to deduct the plumber’s bill from her rent and I don't know what to do.

Check the terms of the lease. ...

Check the terms of the lease. I know I've got a clause in my contracts that are very clear: the tenant cannot commit to having work doen without prior approval from me. I also have a clause in there about maintenance. Basically, I take the first action when notified of te problem in writing, within 30 days. I also list a few of the appliaces that are excluded from any maintenance obligations (refrigerator, etc.). If the terms of the lease don't spell it out, take that as an action item on your part to include some wording on the whole maintenance process. You could try pushing back on the tenant, saying that since you didn't authorize the repairs, you aren't obligated to pay. I guess I would evaluate whether she is a good tenant. Some years ago I had a family that really took care of the property. If something like this had hapened, I would have reminded them that they shouldn't have done anything without my approval, and then I probably would have let them deduct the plumber's charge from the next month's rent. But that's just me.

Tenant painted bedroom walls dark blue and dark red

Tenant asked to paint two rooms. We verbally discussed this. I told her the colors had to be neutral, light colors- like the current colors.

We also gave her money off her rent to cover the cost of the paint.

She has moved out and the rooms were obviously not neutral. Can I charge her for the cost and material to repaint those rooms. She doesn't want to apy for this. But can I deduct it from her security deposit?

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