4 Things That Will Lose a Good Tenant

I was browsing around and foung an article called "4 WaysYou Can Lose a Good Tenant." Thought it might be useful. http://activerain.com/blogsview/3488594/4-ways-you-can-lose-a-good-tenant I think that covers it pretty well, but does anyone have anything to add?

This may go without saying, bu...

This may go without saying, but broken promises. If you're planning to add upgrades or something along those lines and the tenant knows that moving in, if you don't do it or simply keep putting it off, they won't trust you to keep your word.

Being unreachable, or difficul...

Being unreachable, or difficult to reach. While you shouldn't be expected to be available 24/7, office hours are a great practice, even if you only have one property. When you can't answer your phone, return voicemails promptly.

Thanks, good advice....

Thanks, good advice.

i had a landlord that did not ...

i had a landlord that did not give me my keys to the house i was renting from two days after i moved in this landlord comes in without knocking and complains that our house is not to par. wish i found odd because first of all im not Samantha on Bewitched this landlord lived next door who had kids around my kids age we said right off the bat that we did not want our childeren scoble to interfere with our tenant agreement and she agreed with us but when it came down to it this landlord's kids kept getting my kids into trouble like they would try to fight with them and some how they were blaimed for it my kids had stuck up for themselves another insident was when they were in a scoble and my kid was shouting stop it and this kid of the landlord decided to jump on my kid pushed my kid to the bed and yelled in my kid's face the landlord told the kid that they did a good job and then we found out that the landlord had hit my kid slapt my child not once but three times we tried to charge her the cops told us to leave. during this time we have a cat carriar that has black grilla tape we don't have allot of money so we just red green things she acussed us of stealing her kennel wish is green ducked taped the landlord came to our rental asking me if i had a small kennel i said "Oh do you mean the kennel that your kid used for the golfer"?  yelled and screamed at me right outside the house so i told her just a minute i went to see if that kennel had accidently went into my house the green one i went to bring the black one and she was gone she phones  the house and leaves a nasty message on my aswering machine calling handy capt **bleep** and so on we have told the cops they have done nothing about this because of this a lost my damage deposit and now its hard to find a place because im om disibility my worker won't give me a damage dposit until the copssend a report they are refussing.  i think this is unfair this all happened with in a month.  I came to Alberta thinking i would have a better life my first landlord was a user used my husband for free labour and our house was not worth living in we ourslves spent 1000 buck in it had no toilet bathtub to bathroom we had to build it ourselves then we moved to town only to find out that this landlord was a drunk and then now a bi polor and just not kind now i find out that there is a web sit that they can put pitchures or coments with your name and were you lived and they can complain about you so other landlords won't rent to you i find this unfair because they can say anything witch i find unfair because we are great tenants obey the rules of the house. and the prices of rentals are so high that us little people who can't work get punished for it no pet's allowed people who are pet lovers know that they are family.. i hope that there will be a great landlord that comes my way and is of me and will accept us we are great tenants don't party do drugs are a family type of people i hope someone out there has read my story and takes it to heart - See more at: http://community.landlordstation.com/t5/Tenant-Management/4-Things-that-will-lose-a-good-tenant/m-p/289#U289

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