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Hi everyone and thanks for your time. I am new to being a landlord and would really appreciate your help. I have used a letting agency to find me tenants and this has now been arranged. I have selected the full managed package from the letting agency which is 55 pounds a month. Tis includes them getting the rental income and quarter checks. Do you think this is a fair price or would I be better doing this myself? The tenant had signed into a 6months contract then rolling after that. I want to make sure from letting agency that I can change my fully managed package at any time if I choose to. In your experience for inexperienced landlords is it a safer option to go for a fully managed package? Also if I choose to Handel collecting the rental income etc myself at a later date what if I run Into problems with my tenants paying? Also if letting agency wants me to sign a contact would you consider checking it to make sure it is in order before I sign?

You can test yourself if it is...

You can test yourself if it is lead paint. Just Google "how to test for lead paint" and you will get tons of answers. They have kits to use that aren't expensive at all. I am also sure you can find youtube videos of people showing you how to do it step by step. Should it turn out that it is lead paint, then you may have to begin thinking about replacing it. Also if you do decide you need to paint I would try to go to a landfill. I was recently told by a friend that's what they did and they got about 20 gallons of white paint for free and used that. Just an idea!

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