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Breaking lease with 3 months notice

My tenant has a year lease, but says as long as he provides a 3 month notice he can break that at any time without fee. Is this true? I've never heard anything like that. If so, what good is a lease?

I would think there is a part ...

I would think there is a part of your lease that goes over the reprocussions of lease-breaking. Unless you have a bit in there that your tenant can break the lease without fees, he shouldn't be able to.

Depends on how the lease was w...

Depends on how the lease was written and in what State.  Most states have very specific tenant landlord laws as you can imagine because of volume.  I learned a lesson in Hawaii that a tenant can basically break the lease at anytime if they find another suitable tenant for the property (you cannot sublease in Hawaii).  Check the state and the terms of your lease.  Unless you are in California or Hawaii I doubt what the renter is saying has any validity to it.

Landlord/Tenant law is governe...

Landlord/Tenant law is governed by state law.  Accordingly, there are different landlord-tenant laws in every state.  So it is possible that such a law exists in your particular state.  However, I sort of doubt it.  It sounds like the tenant is making it up.  I would ask him for the statutory reference or other legal authority that states what he's saying.  For example, in Maryland I believe you can terminate a lease with 2 months notice if/when your job is being transferred out of the local commuting area. 

My Tennant also just broke our...

My Tennant also just broke our lease (they just bought a house).  When they sign a 12 month lease, they are responsible for paying all 12 months, right? Our lease has requirements about subletting, but does not call out anything about our tennants just up and moving...for reference, I live in California.

I'm not in Cali, so I don't kn...

I'm not in Cali, so I don't know the specifics for your state, but I do know that most lease agreements tend to have something about breaking the lease in them. If not, I'd highly suggest putting that in next time. Some apartment associations have legal advice, I think. I'd definitely check with them.

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