dealing with clients that's just "looking"

i own a few units,and when i post a for rent sign up,i get a deluge of replies.i deal with so many people that wants to "see" the unit's,but i would say 85% are not serious.and my top complaint is that many of the clients ask "how much is the unit". i live in a city where the real estate laws make it hard for me to deal with them the way i want to(which is to yell at them,lol).the price of the unit is posted online and on flyers,my question is: when i know some is not serious and they continue to ask me questions about the unit,how should i "get rid of them" in a fast manner without a legal backlash?

You're in a tough spot, but I ...

You're in a tough spot, but I think the first thing to do is to ask questions. How soon are they planning to move? Eventually you'll get a kind of gut feeling on how the more serious lookers will answer. I'm not sure, since laws very, though, on what the laws are in your area about showing or not showing them the property, regardless of their interest level.

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