Do I need to provide an electrical outlet to tenant with an electric car?

A long-time tenant of mine just bought a new car and it takes electricity instead of gas. She approached me about switching parking spots in the garage (assigned parking) so that she can blug her car in evry night. I'd love to accommodate her, but are there risks involved? It could get kinda pricy if she's charging her car every night.... The spot is open, but I feel like I need a very good reason to deny her the switch. Is cost enough?

The lease contract should clea...

The lease contract should clearly identify which party is responsible for electrical bills. If they are- no change needed and you should move the parking space. It's the right thing to do. If you pay for power, move the space and require that they pay for the utility.

So I can ask her to pay if I s...

So I can ask her to pay if I switch her spot? That's really what I'm worried about. I'd love to help her out, I just can't afford to pay to charge her car every night!

I think thats definitely the w...

I think thats definitely the way to go. Even if you just guesstimate the cost of the added electricity the tenant should pay for that. This would be the same as her asking you to pay for her gas. Makes no sense.

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