Erroreous on background check


I order the credit and background check (premiums service) from landlord station couple day ago, first it said the report is pending because the erroneous crimnal info need to clarify with Transunion, since background check only use name and birthday.

I am wondering how do we know it is erroneous? Since I only was asked to enter prospective tenant's name, birthday, email and current address? No social security, driver's license. If someone with same name who has criminal record, steal the birthday and current address, then s/he can pretend to be the other person, do how do we know for sure this won't happen?

During my previous tenant screening, Transunion miss 4 criminal records which recorded in county's public record.

Hi Tina. Good question. We rec...

Hi Tina. Good question. We recheck all criminal reports whether we know they are erroneous or not. Best to take the extra time and be absolutely sure. On the second part of your question, we only ask you (the Landlord) for the basic tenant information, however when the tenant verifies their identity with us they put in their own SSN, date of birth, etc. This has the added benefit of allowing the tenant to not give out their personal information unnecessarily and also makes it so that you don't have to handle it and make sure that it stays safe. Hope that answers the question. Thanks.

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