Evicting Someone not on the lease

I rent to a couple, but only the husband is on the lease. I'm going to have to serve them with an eviction notice, but should I file an eviction for the wife as well, even though she's not on the lease?

If it was my home, yes to fili...

If it was my home, yes to filing on both people. That way if you are owed any money or there is damages, you will be able to sue both of them and garnish the wages of both to get your money back. What I have started to notice after having done this now for over ten years, only one spouse wishes to be on a lease these days so if an eviction happens, the other spouse can apply for a new residence. Always require both persons be named on your application and leases.

That's a good point. I just wa...

That's a good point. I just wasn't sure that I would legally be able to file an eviction for the wife if she wasn't legally on the lease.... It seems like the husband and wife might not be too bad on this, but if it were a non-married couple or roommates... Two people that were not legally bound, do you think I would have issues? I suppose in the end it can all be dealt with by requiring everyone on the lease.

I have a personal rule that I ...

I have a personal rule that I make sure EVERYONE is on the lease that lives there. Also make sure you have limits on how long guests may stay, or the tenant may have someone move in and just continuously call them 'guests'.

What is a good limit to put on...

What is a good limit to put on that? Maybe a two week stay? Three? Or is that too much?

Can I evict this tenant?

Just started a new one year lease period with three roommates. One of the roommates has been VERY difficult to work with over the first three weeks and is now insisting that the only way she will communicate with me is through a mediator! (Which I am now trying to schedule - and she is refusing to call the mediator with her availability - too busy she says). I do not want her as my tenant at this point. I never signed the contract, so the three roommates have individually signed the agreement, but I have not provided a signed copy back to any of them yet. I think this means she does not have a contract and I can evict her since she is not on "the lease". Is this correct? Any suggestions about how to move forward on getting her out?

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