Exesive Noise from children

What constitutes 'excesive noise' when it comes to kids. Neighbors are complaining about them playing very loudly at all hours. They seem like good enough kids, just a little out of control sometimes.

I would suggest talking to the...

I would suggest talking to the tenant if you think they'll be receptive. I know that some parents are so used to their kids that they don't even realize it might be disruptive to someone else. As soon as you mention it they're looking out for whatever the neighbors are having trouble with. Then everyone's happy.

What's the real issue? Let's g...

What's the real issue? Let's get real here. Children are children and if they made no noise I would be more concerned. There is probably more, like- outside yard condition has gone down, cars not as fancy, similar, the complaint comes from a home-owner that likely feels your renter is pulling down the area. They will likely find a complaint about all renters until one "friends" them. Your tenant likely has similar dirt on the neighbor.My suggestion? Take the complainer to lunch, listen listen, listen to them for 45 minutes. Than say - hey- we are on the same page - I want the same things. And ask them to be a partner and help keep tabs. You collect info and in that process provide a safety shield for your renter.

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