Home ownership into renting - No landlord to check

Do you have any advice for a tenant coming from home-ownership into renting, therefore don't have any landlords to check?

You can still verify income, g...

You can still verify income, get a credit report and all the other items you normally check. How they treated their own home is not a good indicator of how they will treat a rental so you are really limited to financial inquiry

In addition to what Inkwell st...

In addition to what Inkwell stated, (a responder on here who has my utmost respect)  a credit report tells you more than just a credit score.  It will tell you how many jobs that person has worked at and when.  It will tell you how many times they moved in a year.  It will tell you how many evictions they have had.  It will tell you if they have bounced a check and how much they owe in Utilities.  In this economy everyone most likely has bad credit.  I never based my decision on a credit score...NEVER!  I based it on the above information I received on the Credit Report (not the score) , and how I veiwed them personally when showing them a rental home. I would also call their employer to verify employment.  There is a book out called "Blink".  Been around a long time.  The author says that what we perceive someone or something to be in the blink of an eye, is usually correct.  

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