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How to get a tenant without a contract to leave?

I started a new rental period with three gals who found each other as roommates through Craig's List. I have not yet returned signed contracts to any of the three. One of the three turns out to be a neurotic person who is blowing small issues into big deals (one example: she called the police claiming harassment when one of the neighbors tried to tell her not to leave trash on the sidewalk overnight as the fox in the neighborhood would spread it around...). At this point she is refusing to communicate with me. She said she would only talk with me through a mediator. I've tried to get the city mediation program to set up a meeting for us, and she won't call them back. She will not return my phone calls. She will not reply to my text messages. I want her to leave ASAP. I do not want to deal with a tenant like this. (The two roommates would prefer she leave as well.) Since there is no signed contract, I would like to deliver a letter to this tenant specifying that she has 15 days to move out as she is not welcome in my house. She can leave voluntarily and I will refund her security deposit, or I can change the locks and leave her belongings on the street if she prefers.

Can I do this? Do I need to return the month of rent she paid for August? - a month where she has caused me no end of headaches trying to work with her on repairs that were needed in the house, then this neighbor issue, then refusing to talk with me about anything. I do not want to accept rent for September, I want her out! Any suggestions?

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