Landlord Tenant Dispute over Water Charge

I reside in one apt and rent the other apt. There is one water meter due to one large water heater. We are 2 people and they are also. I have given them an estimate of water monthly and it worked out great. I couldn't of estimated it better. They had a baby about 6 weeks ago and NY has also recently given a 7% water increase. The lease states I can adjust water charges at anytime deemed necessary. I will use this as an example, $25.00 water charge therefore I now have added $12.50  and small amount for increase water charge I have no control over. Tenant does not want to pay either. They claim that a baby doesn't use to much water. Note. They have a washer in the basement. Lots of baby clothes being washed. If a baby doesn't use much water at just what age will a person count as using water. They gave a rent check without the additional amount now requested. They now also claim that I have green space and they do not. Only green space is the front lawn and all I do there is work on it. Do they want to walk there child on the lawn? ok. They are also talking about I water the lawn well rent includes expenses for the house and in this case there water bill reflects on this expense also which is not part of the rent. AM I wrong in anyway?  I do have a small pool also which is full and I do not use much and do not add much water into it. They originally rented knowing I do water the lawn and I do have a pool and lease was signed with shared estimated bill. I really would like your feedback. Thanks

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