Major Problem Tenant MASS.

Where to begin-
Our tenant has not paid rent for two months. We did the 14 day notice to quit, have a court date for the 17th of Nov. Meanwhile we have phone calls from other two tenants (3 family) that she has 4 other people living there. (not in lease and this is a HAP paid house) They are all also complain she does drugs and the noise. Cops were called there twice this week alone. She will not answer the phone or the door. We even went one day and her son said oh one sec she will be right out and we heard them talking and sat there knocking for 20 minutes after. I am concerned for the safety of the children in there and the other tenants safety. They are afraid to call cops because of retaliation. We heard she ripped a sink out of the wall during her parties and the water is shut off that sink. We have not been able to enter because she refuses to communicate with us. We sent letters via certified mail too.
My question is how can we evict all the extra adults living there, we know they are doing drugs and we do not want that happening on our property. Hopefully her eviction goes as planned? She has children will that be used against us? She refuses to pay rent or communicate with us at all. Any help at all would be great!

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