Recording a Conversation

Is it legal to record a conversation between my tenant and me? Do I have to let them know?

I would look into the state la...

I would look into the state laws... Yet the reality is if you are feeling like you need to record discussions, it is in your best interest to not have any discussions verbaly.  You should put everything in writting and begin a more formal documentation trail. My answer would be -- legal or not -- recarding is not a good practice.. Write letters, write emails, save the material and document in writting the concerns you may have.

Agreed. If you feel like recor...

Agreed. If you feel like recording would help then you have probably also reached the point where having a paper trail would be even better.

I'll tell you how I protected ...

I'll tell you how I protected myself all these years.  I had Vonage Telephone.  It's wonderful for protecting yourself against, "He said She said" stuff.  It also prevents how many times you may have to go to court because a tenant tries to challenge you about something.  With Vonage it keeps an Online Record of who calls you, what time, date, and everything.  It also keeps track of all your phone calls so that you can prove to the court, if you have to, that you did return that tenants  call and what time and how long that phone call lasted.What's good is that I always had my incoming phone calls go to my Vonage Answering System. So the phone message is always recorded on line.  This makes the recording legal because the caller chose to leave a message.  It wasn't an unlawful phone recording.  I can't tell you how many times, it helped me out when I had a problem with a tenant.  It nipped the problem in the bud quickly and still maintained a good relationship with the tenant when you have evidence that you did take care of them, or called them back.  What can they say when you have evidence to prove otherwise. Another good tip is to have  It also keeps a record of when you mailed that notice, that Security Deposit, etc.  It keeps record of the date, whoit  was sent to, the time, etc.   It just doesn't get any better than that. These two businesses were my very best friend.  In 13 years of being a landlord I never lost a case...ever and   I handled them all myself!

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