Required maintenance between tenants

Is it required that the rental unit be painted in between tenants? Thanks!

It really depends on the damag...

It really depends on the damage done to the paint. If you have a tenant in there that takes very good care of the walls, non-smoker, etc etc... Depending on the paint you used, I'd say maybe every 2-3 years. Now, if you have tenants with kids, or a smoker, or someone else to puts a little more stress on the paint, you may have to paint it earlier. I tend to go by sight more than by years. Does it look nice? Are there markings on the wall? Stains? That sort of thing. Hope that helps!

I agree that every 2-3 years i...

I agree that every 2-3 years is a good standard.  But it does all depend on the tenant and the condition the aparment is in when they left.  I've had some fabulous tenant's who left the place a horid mess, while others were very considerate and left it as they found it - clean. 

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