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Roommate skips town

So, I had a set of two roommates. I've never had any trouble from them, but then one day one of the roommates gives me a call and says that her roommate skipped out. She won't answer her phone, won't respond to any form of contact and left no word as to why. She just took everything and left, apparently while the other roommate was out of town. It's really weird. Anyway, I'm trying to be as generous as I can to the remaining roommate. It's not her fault, particuarly and she's trying to help find someone to fill the extra room now. Is there any way to just go after one fo the roommates without going after the other? Obviously they were on a joint lease, but still... Just curous. This is something I haven't run across before so I thought I'd toss it out and see what others said. While I'm hoping no one has experienced this, I'm hoping someone knows what the best option is on how to handle it.

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