Satelite Dish

A tenant is demanding that I let them put up a satelite dish. Do I have to let them?

That's really dependent on the...

That's really dependent on the type of unit you're renting. Single-family or multi-family?

It's a small apartment complex...

It's a small apartment complex, so multi.

You can't "unreasonably interf...

You can't "unreasonably interfere" with their attempts to use/install a dish or antenna (basically, their ability to receive better reception) but they must keep it in the space they have rented. In other words, the outer walls would be "common areas" and are off limits (if you say so), but a private patio would be part of their rented area. Make sense?

Also probably has some depende...

Also probably has some dependence on how it is going to be attached and whether that does any permanent damage to the building, roof, walls etc. 

In Colorado you have to allow ...

In Colorado you have to allow the telecommunication device however, you can dictate how it is installed.  You could allow them attach the dish as portable (Such as on a spare tire) that way it does not damage the house.

This depends on State law.  Wh...

This depends on State law.  What state are you in?

We had a tenent install a dish...

We had a tenent install a dish without our knowledge. The company drilled in through the top of the roof therefore damaging the roof! Now its just there, several tenents later and if we remove there will be holes in the roof. So if they are going to install then I suggest you supervise or specify where it will go. Then you will be in control.

I agree, it's best to make it ...

I agree, it's best to make it clear that the owner needs to be notified about any alterations to the property and then approve it's location.

In your case I would say the s...

In your case I would say the satellite company is liable for damages as they did not get permission form the property owner/manager.

I would also recomend to check...

I would also recomend to check with your HOA on the rules.

If they want to install a dish...

If they want to install a dish you can require them to use a tripod setup so there is no damage done to the unit.  That is how i see most properties done when they manager does not want any drilling done.

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