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Showing a House with a tenant

I have a rental property that I'm trying to sell. The tenants know this, but I think they're trying to prolong their stay (they're currently month-to-month) by not allowing me to show the house. Short of giving them a 30-day notitce, is there anything I can do to make this easier?

I've had this problem. Except ...

I've had this problem. Except mine didn't seem to mind letting the realtor in to show it, they just lied about the house to try and run the potential buyers off

Raise the rent to a point that...

Raise the rent to a point that is better for you than selling and if they stay great and if not sell it as planned.

keeping them there is costing ...

keeping them there is costing you $.   Raise the rent each month significantly or give them a 30 day notice to move.  

Since the housing market is so...

Since the housing market is so crazy where we are (Southern California) you don't even get to look inside a property with tenents until there is an accepted offer. So I would try that method. Have the prospective buyer make and offer and then accept it and then show it. If they have any issues then they can back out or you can negotiate.

What does your current lease s...

What does your current lease say about showing your home if you sell it. For future tenants would recommend your special provision include tenant to make house show ready for sale and appointments with one day notice

Would there be an issue if I u...

Would there be an issue if I update my month-to-month leases with something like this, as long as I gave them at least 30 days notice and had them sign off on it?

My lease says 5 day notice. In...

My lease says 5 day notice. In hindsight I would have made it 24 hours.

Usually (depending on the stat...

Usually (depending on the state) the tenant cannot disallow you showing the home in order to sell it as long as proper notice is given.  If you let them know with a 30 day notice that the house will be up for sale in 30 days then give at least 24 hr notice to show the house (to my knowledge) they cannot legally keep you from it.  But you cannot force your way in either.  This could be a reason to cancel a contract, but as I believe you stated it was month to month, simply give them a 30 day notice to vacate.  IF they don't you may have to take them to court.

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