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Hello, I'm new here. We're from Seattle area. We own a duplex, there's some work has to be done recently. I sent someone out and he told me that the tenant in that lower unit has been "smoking but it's not cigarette smoking", he said he recognize the smell. He didn't want to be specific and point fingers. Marijuana is my guess, so it could be marijuana, could be heroin or something else. When they filled out the application 3 years ago, they said they don't smoke. These tenants are a 60-year old woman living with her brother, she's home most of the time, her brother is out of town about 50% of the time. Has any of you have similar situation? The last thing I want to do is rocking the boat and having to find new tenant (I give benefit of the doubt that she smokes medical marijuana). Did you ever confront the tenat about it? When they move out, how did you get rid of the smell? Will the prospective tenants understand the situation? I'm a bit worried if they grow marijuana in the house, what should I do?

We have zero tolerance for dru...

We have zero tolerance for drugs and have that on our application. Not sure how I would deal with a medical marijuana situation.

If it is marijuana I would mak...

If it is marijuana I would make sure it is for medical reasons.  But I would check it out, if it is meth  (or a meth lab) you could run into some hazard problems form other tenants or neighbors if the law gets involved at some point.  Do yourself a favor and check into it.  If nothing else it will help to partially protect you from liability if you take steps to correct the situation (if there is one).  If need be you may need to get the police involved yourself.  It may sound harsh (because of their age), but if it is something like meth you could be saving yourself a ton of legal headaches in the future.

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