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I had a tenant that asked to have a special exception to when he pays rent. He would pay it every month, but it's well after the first. Traditionally I haev alwyas required rent to be due on the first.... He's on dissability and it has to do with when his check comes in. Has anyone come across a good system to make exceptions for rent? Is it a good idea? He said his last landlord was able to and I may call him to see how he went about it, but I thought I'd check here first.

I have done this is the past w...

I have done this is the past with tenants.  Unfortunately, this means your tenant is certainly paycheck to paycheck.  Howver, he is actually lowering your risk by telling you this so that you can time rent with his payment.  Technically there is absolutely no hard and fast rule that you have to get paid on any certain date.  I find with a large amount of tenants this is another hassle that you might not be willing to deal with.  But, if you have one or just a few tenants and he is an otherwise good tenant I wouldn't have a problem with switching the date.  Just remember since 99% of the people actually end there rents on the last day of the month, when this tenant leaves you will likely eat those extra days before the end of the month.

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