Tenant breaks lease/what to do with belongings

Landlording in NY. I have a tenant breaking lease. She gave me a 21 day notice. She is claiming landlord neglect, which is easily disproved with my records of work on the house, so that is really a non-issues. She gave written notice that she would be out by March 30th. The place is a mess. She isn't staying there anymore, but has maybe 1/4 of her belongings still there. I have been showing the apartment so that I can rent it again and hope to have it rented for April 1st. I sent her an email asking her to turn in her keys by March 31st and to have all of her belongings out by then, or I would have them outside for her. Mind you, she never paid rent for March, and also did not finish paying her security deposit. She gave a partial payment, didn't finish paying.  She is telling me it is illegal to remove her belongings.  I thought that since she gave notice that she would be out by the 30th (in writing) that by the 31st I could remove remaining belongings. Any experience to weigh in?

I agree 100% with jgardian. Yo...

I agree 100% with jgardian. You have to keep following up on her problems because the off chance that one if for real and something happens, you are liable. I also agree with possibly having to evict her. Tell her that some of these continued compalints are unacceptable, especially the ones during your "off" hours, and they have to stop. Let her know that nothing is wrong and that it has all been checked out thoroughly. If they don't stop you have to ask yourself if the trouble is worth keeping her around.

tgeh best bet would be to talk...

tgeh best bet would be to talk to a lawyer.  But I do believe that after a certain period of time you can remove her belongings (depeonding on the state) as long as they are properly stored.  These items can also be seen as abandoned property (again depending on state laws), but as I stated check with a lawyer for your safety.

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