tenant extorting money from landlord

I am in the process of evicting tenants for nonpayment of rent.  They continually try to negotiate (extort money) thinking I will pay to get them to leave.  Is this even a good idea to negotiate with these con artists?  They said I should talk to their lawyer to set up a deal??  Seriously, they can afford a lawyer and not pay rent?

Sorry for this problem. Sounds...

Sorry for this problem. Sounds like a not fun mess. Firstly, no space heater is going to use the same amount of power that a house heater will use even if she left it on high for the entire week the heat wasn't working. Now if she had to buy a heater, then I would say compensating her for it or buying it from her would be fare. Now if you keep it 80 degrees inside when it is 40 outside, your bill won't be cheap. So that is on her. The heater was replaced so that is good but,  I would recommend getting someone out sooner; not sure of the area this house is in (thinking of climate here), but going almost 3 weeks with out heat, that's a pretty long time. As for the other repairs needed? Did you giver her 24 hours? That is mandatory, no matter what. Emergency situation's would be the heat being fixed, bursted pipes, etc. In those cases immediate access granted. I would say the sink pipe was probably leaking for awhile along with whatever other issues needed to be taken careof. At the end of it, there is nothing you can really do about showing up and her not letting you in, whether it was scheduled or not. Best practice just make sure the time is scheduled. I set hours of 9am-9pm in my leases Monday thru Sunday. The items need to be fixed so you stay in compliance with being a landlord and its your property, little problems become bigger problems. When it comes to the behind in the rent increase, since I don't know all the details, it sounds like it was something that you didn't enforce from the beginning. It will be your call on the next steps, but my recommendation is to draft a document, showing how much she is behind on the increase. Tell her you will forgive the debt (because you and I both know she won't pay it) and state beginning this month, you will pay the rent + increase or move out. And since you are doing that you would be even on the $300 she says you owe (which honestly would only be a fraction of that if indeed the heater used more than a heat pump, which again does not) Now I am wondering if you are in a lease? Or have been going month to month? If you raise the rent, then a new lease is supposed to be drawn up. If the tenant does not want to pay the increase, then that means they no longer want to live there and are choosing to move out. If you have not properly started a new lease with rental increase, then you need to start there. The past debt is really void because it was not binding and didn't follow the protocols. I always recommend to go to www.uslegalforms.com. They have state specific landlord documents and guidelines/handbooks. It costs around $80 for the whole package, which in my opinion is worth it, as I learned a lot from it. Hope this helps...its my $0.02 but I give it away for free!!

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