Tenant's Guest Breaks the Law

I'm in a bit of a predicament. I have a strict policy: you break the law on the property then you're gone. I've had a tenant that's lived in one of my properties for 3 years. Nice girl, hard worker, but I think she must have gotten mixed up with the wrong guy. Long story short he was arrested while on the property. I don't want to evict her, I really don't, but I've evicted others before and I don't want to open myself up to look like I'm playing favorites. Any advice?

If you allow them to get a sat...

If you allow them to get a satelite I would suggest being there to supervise the installer as they tend to do what is easiest for them and not what is best for the owner meaning you.  I agree with jgardian that a tripod set up would be best as it prevents and damage to your building.  This tenant may want it but the next may not.  This will keep the building in good shape and prevent any possible damage.

If you have evicted for the sa...

If you have evicted for the same (or similar) behavior from other tenants you could set yourself up for discrimination.  But that would also depend on the situation, Talk to a lawyer to ensure you do the right thing.

My thinking is it's your prope...

My thinking is it's your property, you can do what you are comfortable with. If the boyfriend is not on the lease than I see no issues, as long as you clearly state he can no longer be at the property and a second offense will result in eviction. Maybe write up a warning letter (have your attorney write it maybe) and stating the next offense will result in eviction and the terms with the boyfriend.

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