Tenant's (Military) Transfer Orders

A tenant of mine just joined the army and received transfer orders. He still has 3 months left on his lease. Is this covered under the SCRA? Should I let him break his lease?

Yes, it covers any military pe...

Yes, it covers any military personal... even if they just enlisted.

What is SCRA?...

What is SCRA?

It's the Servicemembers' Civil...

It's the Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act.

A few thoughts.. While SCRA mu...

A few thoughts.. While SCRA must be honored, ask that the military family help you lease the hosue.  Every militarybase has a housing office that helps people find places to live off base and they will let you list your property with them as you would on craigslist.  Great way to find new tenants so ask the renters to let you list it and show it prior to their move out as they are breaking the lease and you are not going to ask for lost rent and will refund the full deposit. If you can find a way to get them to help you lease the house -- talk to them they will probably 100% fine in helping, you can mimimize any potential losses.

AHRN.com is the military cite for posting a house

It's free to post your house on AHRN.com for military families. They know when they get orders in May and October of the year, so that is a good website if you want military families as tenants. They will break a lease in a minute but at least you can complain to their authorities if they miss are late with a payment. They will do damage and leave on you like any other tenant, so you still have your responsibilities as a landlord.

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