Who gets the security deposit back?

When the tenants moved in, the girlfriend paid the security deposit & the renter paid the 1st month rent. Who gets the sec deposit back? His name is the only one on the lease.

This is kind of tricky, but in...

This is kind of tricky, but in a deposit situation I would write the check back to the person who wrote it, so in that person's name. That seems like the safest bet.

Actually no one gets the Secur...

Actually no one gets the Security Deposit back until the Tenant who is on the lease and all occupants have moved and there are no monies owed to the landlord either for damages or back rent.  It doesn't matter who provided the Security Deposit to the landlord, because the Security Deposit (if returned at al)l is written out to the Tenant on the Lease.  It's between the Tenant the the person who gave the money to work this out between each other.  

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