Yard Maintainance

For those with properties that have a yard, how do you handle maintaining the yard when renting out the property? Do you include yard service fees to the rent, have the tenant do it? Any feedback would be appreciated!

Too many unknow factors here. ...

Too many unknow factors here. Location? Property type? Is it a rich / poor are? And what happens if the yard goes bad?-does an hoa step in? There are dozens of ways I o about this - but answers to the above questions will flush out the best option

MrsMonopoly has some great poi...

MrsMonopoly has some great points, but I'd also like to add (and I'm sure you'd do this anyway) that you want to detail whatever decisions are made about yard maintenance (if you're taking care of it, if the tenant's taking care of it etc...) in the lease agreement. Verbal understandings are great, but when it comes down to it, it's always best to put it in writing.

Hello!  I just joined....

Hello!  I just joined.

It depends on if you want to k...

It depends on if you want to keep your property in great shape or not.  I put it in writing that the tenants were to keep up the yard.  However, when they turned out to be bad renters, the yard went to pot also.  This time around, I included a yard maintenance fee and the yardwork will be done by a service.  That way, the renters actually pay for it, but it gets done and I don't have to worry about what the yard will look like later.  The renters still have to keep the sidewalks clear and shovel snow from the sidewalk and driveway (that's in the lease), but the yardwork is covered via a yard maintenance fee.

Welcome to the station!!!...

Welcome to the station!!!

My experience with this has al...

My experience with this has always been the same.  If the renter(s) have "good taste in furniture and appearance" they will take care of the yard willingly.  If they don't (and most people know the difference) than you should take care of the yard and price that into the project.  Every time I have let tenants (that don't have impeccable taste) take care of the yard on their dollar, they kill my yard.  How wealthy the tenants are is not a good indicator.  Some people care and other don't, in my opinion it is that simple.  What do you guys think?

Some cities will site the resi...

Some cities will site the resident with a fee if the yard isn't maintained, or if it is an HOA they will fine for a yard that isn't kept up. Can you put in the agreement that the tenant is responsible for any fines as a result of not doing yardwork?

I pay for the yard maintenance...

I pay for the yard maintenance (just mowing and leaves) that way the gardner can tell me if something is getting out of hand.

I have a few single houses tha...

I have a few single houses that I rent out, all with yards... I pay my own gardener for basic maintenance. It will cost more in the long run if the tenants don't maintain it properly.

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