Addendum To Lease

Use an Addendum to Lease in These Situations by

There are many situations that make it necessary to do an addendum to lease agreement. Our landlord forms section includes a lease addendum template that can be altered to fit your circumstances.

Tenants often sign a lease and then a situation develops that makes it necessary to add something to the lease. A rental agreement addendum has all the legal status of the original agreement when it is signed and agreed upon by all parties. The following is a list of reasons why an addendum might be necessary:

1) A tenant may wish to add a roommate and instead of the new tenant signing a second lease, an addendum to the prime lease is all that is needed.

2) An additional reason to use an amendment is when a tenant wishes to extend the term of the lease with no changes. Both parties are required to sign the addendum for it to be legal.

3) If, during a rental period, the landlord has received complaints about excessive noise, parties, drug use, gun fire or other crime, a crime-free addendum will make it clear to the tenant that should the landlord discover that the tenant has allowed or participated in such behavior, that immediate eviction is the consequence of such actions.

4) A lease may contain provisions that refer to the tenant’s possession of a pet, or pets, but the parties may want to include specific language for the type of pet the tenant has. An addendum is an easy way to be detailed about pet ownership responsibilities and maintenance while still using a standard lease form.

5) Mold addendums are often necessary for specifying the duty of the tenant to promptly report mold and the duties of the landlord for mold removal.

6) Often parking addendums become necessary to avoid tenant disputes. A designated parking spot can become part of the original document via an addendum. Each tenant can be assigned a spot of their own and any penalties for parking in unauthorized areas can be specified.

7) At times, additional care and maintenance addendums become necessary. For example, if the original lease doesn’t specify who is responsible for lawn maintenance. Details for lawn care can be arranged by all the parties and put into an addendum.

8) If the tenant does not quality to rent the premises due to financial shortcomings, a co-signer might be acceptable to the landlord. A co-signer addendum can be added and signed on behalf of the tenant.

9) Allocations of utility costs can be set out specifically by an addendum.

Of course, you can use our template and modify it to fit the circumstance. When you modify a template yourself, take care that your addendum to lease complies with the laws of the state in which the property is located. offers information, forms and more for questions you may have regarding landlord issues, including when you have the question, “what is a lease addendum?” Use our landlord forms and landlord informationsections for additional information.

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