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Learn about Address History in Tenant Screening Reports

Receive a past address history report when you purchase the premier screening package at It is important to find previous addresses for a variety of reasons. Below is a list of some of the reasons for you to do a search to find a prospective tenant's previous addresses.

1) Test Truthfulness: You can discover if your prospective tenant has given you accurate, truthful information on the rental application with an address search. Our screening process lists each address that is associated with the applicant’s social security number and the dates the applicant lived at each address. With this information, you can match addresses on our search with the addresses given to you by the prospective tenant and see if there is any discrepancy. We look up previous addresses so that you can ascertain if your prospective tenant has lived outside the area of the report so that you can broaden the search. If a search yields results in another state, we will search that state as well.

2) Protect Against Fraud: Our past address history gives you a tool to determine if the social security number provided by the prospective tenant is fraudulent. Be sure to order a tenant screening with address history on all of the adults who will be sharing the property. We believe that this is one of the best ways to prevent fraud and protect your property.

3) Touch Base with Previous Landlords: In the past, the only way for you to verify previous addresses was to call previous landlords listed by the prospective tenant. Sometimes prospective tenants will give the name and number of family or friends who pose as previous landlords in order to hide evictions or other blemishes on their rental history. Using our tenant screening services for past addresses prevents that type of deception.

4) Uncover Wandering Tenants At times, an address history may be outdated but our historical search can remedy that. We help you weed out what the rental industry calls “wandering tenants”. A wandering tenant moves frequently and tends to not honor lease agreements. When an address history is found with dates that do not match those given on the rental application, you can ask the prospective tenant to give you the addresses for the missing dates. If you receive new address information, we will check that for you.

Find a variety of tips on screening prospective tenants from to help you make an informed decision when selecting tenants. With one easy application, we provide a comprehensive address history and much more information about potential tenants. Adding historical addresses to your search offered by is economical and easy.

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