Background Check Authorization Form Background Check Authorization Form

It is important for owners or real estate managers to obtain an executed background check authorization form before requesting information about prospective tenants. Each agency, employer, previous employer, landlord or previous landlord contacted for information should receive an original form signed by the prospective tenant. Each tenant on the property should sign the form that pertains to them.

We offer the following tenant background check consent form templates which you can print out and use. The first form is a short form and the second is a long form.

Short background check consent form:


In consideration of solicitation of my application to lease the premises located at [print rental property address here] , I, [print name here] , do hereby give my consent to [potential landlord name here] , and the authorized agents thereof, to check the references listed on my application, and to check my background in any way, including but not limited to contacting any and all persons and business entities in order to inquire any and all information relating to myself, provided that said inquiries be limited solely to the purpose of consideration of my possible tenancy at the address listed above.

Applicant's Signature:

Print Name:


Long background check consent form:


1. By this document [landlord’s name here] discloses to you that a consumer report may be obtained for purposes of leasing the property at: [property address here] as part of the pre-screening background check and at any time during your tenancy.

2. This shall authorize the procurement of a consumer report by a credit reporting agency or other sources as part of the pre-screening background investigation. If accepted, this authorization shall remain on file and shall serve as an ongoing authorization for the named landlord or its agents or other sources to procure consumer reports at any time during the rental period.

3. I also authorize the procurement of an investigative consumer report and understand that it may contain information about my employment and educational background, criminal history, credit, workers comp claims, mode of living, character and personal reputation. I also understand you may make use of the internet including social networking sites.

I understand that I have the right to obtain additional disclosure as to the nature and scope of the investigation upon written request within a reasonable period of time and to obtain a copy of the report upon request. This authorization, in original or copy form, shall be valid for this and any future reports or updates that may be requested.

4. In connection with this request, I authorize all corporations, companies, former employers, supervisors, credit agencies, educational institutions, law enforcement/criminal justice agencies, city, state, county and federal courts, state motor vehicle bureaus and persons to release information they may have about me to the person or company with which this form has been filed if required, or their agent. I further authorize you to secure an investigative consumer report at any time, and any number of times, before, during and after my tenancy, if in the landlord's (or its designees) discretion, it has a legally permissible and legitimate business need for the information requested.

I release and hold harmless all parties involved from any and all liability for damages arising from requesting, procuring or furnishing the requested information except with respect to a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I authorize the landlord and its agent/credit reporting agency and all associated entities and its clients to receive any criminal history information or credit report pertaining to me in the files of any state or local criminal justice agency.

My signature below also indicates that I have received a Summary of Rights in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Applicant's Signature:

Print Name:


Other Names Used:

Social Security Number:

Date of Birth:

Driver's License Number/State:

Current Address:


Zip Code:

Previous Address:



PLEASE NOTE: For California, Minnesota and Oklahoma applicants you must add this verbiage into your consent form:

As part of a routine background investigation, we may request a consumer credit report from a consumer credit reporting agency or one of its associated companies. If we do so, and you wish to to receive a free copy of this consumer credit report from the credit report agency, please check here: [ ]

You must give prospective tenants in the aforementioned states a copy of the latest Summary of Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. For the latest summary, click here.

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