Becoming a Landlord

Becoming a Landlord can be challenging. Fortunately, has some tips and tools that can help.

Master all of the aspects of becoming a landlord with the information and assistance you find at We offer full support with the premiere tenant screening program in the industry, information and resources and an ongoing chat with a community of leading landlords and real estate experts and more.

If you have acquired real estate to be placed on the leasing market, your first stop should be Use information we provide to build your library of forms and agreements for all your leasing needs. You can store any forms you use in the property vault we create for you. To start is Free. You can retrieve any forms from your property vault at any time. offers a comprehensive tenant screening program that gives you full credit reports and scores including medical collections, foreclosures, employment history, known aliases, past address history, nationwide criminal reports and nationwide eviction records. You can receive the most comprehensive vetting possible for any potential tenant. You can keep your report on file and retrieve it at any time. Our screening program makes the task of being a landlord much easier.

Our comprehensive platform of enterprise-level technology is designed and priced for independent property managers. We offer integrated and secure information technology tools to make property management easy. The tools we offer make it much easier to facilitate the process of becoming a landlord.

Using landlord tenant information from will save you time, expedite transactions and help you learn how to become a landlord. In addition, saving your documents with our document storage system provides a written record of activity on any property and makes it easier to track profit and loss, depreciation, expenses and income. When dealing with a tenant, it is always preferable to have a record of any transactions, conversations, demands or notices. provides an ongoing conversation including questions and answers with experienced property managers and real estate experts that is the perfect tool to use when you are in the process of becoming a landlord. Our community conversations are a popular favorite of busy property managers. Use the landlord resources we offer for everything from the vetting of tenants through the term of the lease until the end of the lease. You will have all the information you need to facilitate becoming a landlord and for effective property management at

Tenant Screening

Comprehensive credit & criminal screening.
Get access to bankruptcies, employment history, medical records, past addresses, evictions and more.

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Legal Forms

State-specific legal forms.
Lease agreements, rental applications, lease termination, eviction forms and much more.

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