Employment History

Find out how to obtain employment history verification from your tenant prospects.

The employment history of tenants, including their employment records, is an important part of the tenant screening process. Find landlord information at LandLordStation.com to assist in learning how to find employment history and employment history records.

A prospective tenant’s employment history shows how long the tenant has been at their current job and whether he or she switched jobs multiple times in the past few years. Past performance is always a good indication of future performance. It is important to see whether a tenant has frequent job changes and long periods between jobs. Long periods between jobs indicate that the tenant might have been fired. A good employment history check creates a picture of the tenant’s stability. If a tenant is fired or laid off in the future, there may be a period of time that the tenant cannot pay their rent.

When obtaining an employment history report, understand that employers can only give certain information by law pertaining to the reason the tenant is no longer employed. As a landlord, you will want to verify the employment status of your prospective tenant and ensure that he or she makes enough money to afford the rent. You can attempt to obtain information on your own by relying on the tenant to provide information. However, LandLordStation.com can perform an employment history search for you and provide comprehensive employment history verification information.

Your rental application should have a section that requests employment history from your prospective tenants. A screening by LandLordStation.com of employment records will show the accuracy of the information you were given by the tenant. Any discrepancies will give you an idea of how reliable a tenant is likely to be.

You may, as a landlord, ask for a lot of information pertaining to employment history. However, you must ask for the same information from each of the prospective tenants you screen. Federal law says that you must treat each applicant the same in your screening process and that you cannot discriminate based on race, sex, skin color, religion, national origin, disability, familial status and other protected classes that may be set out in your state while doing a background check. You can, however, discriminate on the basis of income. One of the advantages of obtaining employment history records from LandLordStation.com is that our application and screening process is the same for each applicant.

The question of whether you can refuse to lease to someone who is collecting unemployment benefits or whose income source is child support or alimony is a legal question and the answer can vary from state to state. We always recommend that you check with an attorney prior to making decisions for which there is potential liability for you.

Another reason for using the LandLordStation.com screening process is that potential tenants sometimes have friends or family pose as employers. LandLordStation.com will verify the company name, address, telephone number and supervisor’s name and position at the prospective tenant's stated place of employment.

LandLordStation.com performs expert tenant screening and you can easily add screening for employment history for any potential tenant. Visit the LandLordStation.com website and click on the “Community” button at the top of the page and you will find on-going discussions with leaders in the real estate management community regarding this issue. If you don’t see information that answers your question, you can ask the Community your question at no charge. This is a unique and invaluable service that LandLordStation.com provides our customers. For the best information on landlord information, visit our homepage atLandLordStation.com.

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