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LandlordStation.com hopes, that as a landlord, you are aware that verifying employment and income is one of the most important steps in screening prospective tenants – but did you know that you can make the process easier by using an employment verification form? The verification process usually involves the input of multiple parties and helps landlords/property management determine whether an applicant can responsibly afford rent, both now and in the future. An income verification form streamlines this step by combining all the necessary information in one place in order for you to complete the process easily.

Usually, the verification process includes gaining written permission from the prospective tenant to contact his or her employer, and then following through with calling/contacting said employer. A landlord may choose to verify the validity of the employer's name and phone number only using an online search or local phone book. For a more thorough method, the landlord can call the business/company and seek out additional details regarding the alleged employment. However, without all of the appropriate information in one place, this method can be time-consuming.

With an official and legally-binding employment verification form, the prospective tenant can provide all the pertinent information concerning his or her employer on the one form. It also provides a place to sign the acknowledgment of and his or her consent to the landlord for employment verification. After the form is filled out, conferring with an employer usually just involves sending it to the appropriate party via traditional mail, email, or fax. Once the income verification form is received, the company's HR department or the applicant’s direct supervisor can sign and return it.

One of the other benefits of requiring the completion of an employment and wage verification form is that you can ensure that each tenant is legally bound to disclose honest information about their income. Falsification of details about employment, or attempts to provide dishonest information, may have consequences in court. Since the prospective tenant's signature is required on the form, you can use a work verification form as a way to protect yourself legally from being tricked into accepting an irresponsible or dishonest tenant.

Typically, an income verification form includes the applicant’s name, date of hire, pay rate, and a space for additional comments on future employment at the company. A landlord may also request that the wage verification form be returned by a certain date. The signed consent of the applicant to release employment information will assure the employer that they can legally disclose the information requested on employment verification form by the landlord.

At LandlordStation.com, we offer a legally-sound work verification form for your convenience on our site, along with many other forms for purchase. However, if you wish to create your own, consider the following example and always consult with an experienced, licensed attorney to ensure that any agreement/form is legally binding in your state.

Sample Employment Verification Form:

Employment Verification

To: (employer name and address here)

From: (landlord name and address here)

I hereby authorize the release of my employment information to (landlord name here).

Applicant Signature: (applicant signature here)

Date: (date here)

Please take note that the above applicant, (applicant name here) , has made application to rent an (description of rental here – apartment, home, etc.) from (landlord/business/complex name here) . We request your assistance in qualifying said applicant by providing the information requested below. Thank you for your prompt assistance.

Landlord/Landlord Representative: (landlord signature here)

Date: (date here)

Please Respond By: (response deadline here)

Name of Employee: (name of employee here)

Position: (job position here)

Date of Hire: (date here)

Pay Rate: (amount here)

Will there be any anticipated change in the employee's salary within the next 12 months? (answer here)

Additional Comments: (space for comments)

Employer Signature: (signature here)

Employer Title: (title here)

Date: (date here)

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