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Landlord Station wants you to know that there is more to the eviction process than simply knowing the answer to, "what is an eviction?" Eviction laws vary by state and have very specific procedures that a landlord must follow in order to legally evict a tenant. These processes are specifically put in place to protect both the lessor, and the lessee, from unfair practices. Therefore, understanding eviction in your state is in not only in your best interest legally, but is likely in the best interest of protecting your investments of time and money.

So what is an eviction and when is it enacted? Simply stated, an eviction is the process of removing a tenant from a rental premises. Generally, the eviction process is begun when a renter is in default on rent or has violated the terms of his or her lease. How it is carried out depends on the eviction laws in your state. In some states, as in Texas, landlords can use a lock-out tactic as a part of an attempt to recoup defaulted rent. In other states however, this practice is illegal. Most states require the lessees to be given notice and a certain amount of time before the landlord can legally remove them from the premises.

At LandlordStation.com, we have provided several resources to help you understand, and even begin, the eviction process in your state. These resources include general, educational summaries on eviction laws and procedures (these are only are only summaries are not meant as legal advice. Always contact an attorney and check your state and local laws, as the laws will differ from state to state). We also have a comprehensive, legally-sound eviction notification letter for any landlord to purchase and use, or you can reference our article on eviction which offers tips and a template to create your own notice letter. We hope these materials help you whether you seek to understand more about eviction and the process, or need to begin the eviction process yourself.

Squatters Rights and How To Evict Them

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Eviction Records

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Tenant Eviction Rights

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How to Evict a Tenant

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