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Learning how to screen tenants is one of the most important components of successful rental management. You should ask your prospective tenant questions as well do a thorough background check so you can minimize the possibility of issues arising in the future. In this article you will learn what questions to ask as well as information on our background checking landlord software.

Complete the tenant screening form from and we will screen potential tenants with the most thorough screening program available today. Our tenant screening questions give you a comprehensive picture of any applicants for your real estate. is the expert in how to screen tenants so that you can fully vet your tenants. Our comprehensive tenant screening form gives you the most complete picture of your prospective tenants. Just fill out our tenant screening questions and we will do the rest for you. We show you how to screen tenants and find credit report and score, criminal records, bankruptcies, foreclosures, medical collections, employment history, known aliases, past address history and eviction records.

When you first meet a prospective tenant, ask them why there are moving and listen closely. Listen for red flags in this answer that would include arguments with their current landlord, loss of job, eviction or other reasons that would give you cause for concern. Ask them what their hobbies are and what they do for a living.

Be sure to ask how many people will be living on the premises. Most cities have a rental capacity law. Decide prior to showing the property how many occupants you will allow and tell that to the prospective tenant up front. In addition, it is helpful to put that in your lease, along with a paragraph that states how long someone may visit before being considered another tenant.

Ask a prospective tenant whether they can provide references from their former landlord and from their employer. If they cannot, consider this valuable information. Advise a potential tenant that the security deposit, pet deposit and first month's rent must be paid prior to move-in. It is not recommended that the tenant move in owing money.

Decide prior to showing the property what policies you have regarding the property. For example, will you allow pets? If so, what kind and how many? What is the extra deposit for pets? What about damage that exceeds the amount of the pet deposit? Will you allow the tenant to make changes to the property? It is recommended that you put something in your lease that requires the tenant to get permission in writing from you to make changes in the form of painting, changing carpeting and other changes. Poorly done "improvements" made by a tenant can cost a large sum of money to rectify. Go over expectations, whether it is to water the foundation or the yard. Watching a prospective tenant's reactions to your requests may give you an indication of how well they will take care of your property.

Be sure to get written consent from a prospective tenant for the credit and background check by A verbal consent is not sufficient under the laws of most states. In addition, you may require that the potential tenant pay the fee for the credit and background check as a non-refundable item with a disclaimer regarding the outcome. You may want an attorney to help with this form should you decide to have the prospective tenant pay.

Online tenant screening by is available in several packages so that you can choose how to screen tenants. All of the tenant screening form packages we offer include a Credit Report with Score, Criminal Records, Bankruptcy, Foreclosures and Medical Collections. For a small additional fee, tenant screening questions can be expanded to include Employment History, Known Aliases, Past Address History and Eviction Records. We offer the best screening services available on the market today.

Online tenant screening from Landlord Station is fast, easy and reliable. Our methods for how to screen tenants give you the latest results from national data banks. It is said that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior and tenant screening has borne that out. Tenant screening by gives you the confidence that you have thoroughly determined how to screen tenants for a productive, long-term relationship.

In addition to giving you information on how to screen tenants, provides a huge variety of information and resources that can be used by landlords to construct any landlord screening form needed. Find tenant screening questions that you might want to have on hand when you are doing a property showing. For example, you can ask a prospective tenant when they plan to move in. If the tenant wants to move in immediately, that should send up a red flag. Most properties require a 30 day notice and finding out whether there are special circumstances for a quick move can be very helpful.

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