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It is important that you have an accurate list of known aliases when you are screening prospective tenants for your rental property. This ensures that you get a comprehensive picture with the best landlord information. offers an option to find aliases so you can make an informed decision and save money. Renting your property to someone who has been less than honest on their rental application is a situation that has the potential to cost you both time and money later.

Our screening process can create a known aliases list for each person who will be signing the lease on your property and this will give you the most information possible. A good return of information on a newly married person who has just changed his or her name, for example, requires a search of both the new and the old name.

Our search to find a known alias includes variations of the name provided, and can locate additional addresses, or even social security numbers, not originally supplied by the applicant. This gives you a much more thorough report. Each alias searched provides a better picture of the person to whom you will entrust your property.

The expert staff at Landlord Station is available to answer questions about our known aliases search, and is ready to assist you with all aspects of our landlord services in order to help solve your rental management needs. Since we are here to help, landlord software and landlord services from are provided with no subscription or membership fees. Rely on us for expert assistance with the landlord information you need to help minimize risk and maximize profit, like known aliases of your tenants.

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