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Credit Report w/ Score Included Included Included
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Forclosures Included Included Included
Medical Collections Included Included Included
Employment History Not Included Included Included
Known Aliases Not Included Not Included Included
Past Address History Not Included Not Included Included
Eviction Records Available ($9.99) Available ($9.99) Included
Order Now! Order Now! Order Now! offers a variety of landlord background check information to assist tenants when navigating real estate properties. Using our resources, you can simply submit the name of a potential landlord and, with no membership fees, we will perform a comprehensive screening of your potential property owner. Don't get stuck in a bad situation. Our background check for landlords includes a full credit report and score, a nationwide criminal report, bankruptcies, foreclosures and medical collections.

We offer the option of comprehensive landlord screening so that you can fully vet your future property owners. Additional landlord screening services include employment history, known aliases, past address history and eviction records. The landlord background check is simple, inexpensive and easy. You can store the results of the background check for landlords in the online document vault we provide you for each property. We offer additional services to complement your landlord background check and give you support from our friendly, knowledgeable customer service agents.

Whether for business or personal rental matters, performing a landlord background check at is the best way to vet potential landlords and to predict a successful lease term.

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