Lead Based Paing Disclosure Form

Landlord Station Lead Based Paing Disclosure Form

Choose Landlord Station’s lead based paint disclosure form for a quick, easy, and affordable way to stay legally compliant as a landlord. According to the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992, any seller, leaser, or landlord of a property built prior to 1978 may have an obligation to inform residents or potential purchasers or a property of the risks posed by the dwelling. Through a lead paint disclosure, the property management can disclose information on the location of lead based paint in the dwelling or the condition of the hazardous paint. This pamphlet, addendum to the lease language, or attachment to a lease or contract must include the Lead Warning Statement and list steps which have been taken by the landlord to identify the risks to residents.

Protect your liability status and ensure the safety of your residents in a house, apartment building, mobile home with ease through our simple lead paint disclosure form. Our form is legally sound and outlines the hazards of poisoning along with safety precautions that can be made. When passing this form on to a tenant, make sure to require a signature in order to confirm that each potential resident or buyer has been informed of the risks through a lead based paint disclosure statement. This will act as legally-binding proof that you have fulfilled your duties to a purchaser or tenant.

A lead paint disclosure should outline the danger of lead poisoning to tenants or other parties, including the risk of permanent neurological damage in young children. Proper notification usually includes information that affected individuals could face memory impairment, learning disabilities, mental disorders, and behavioral issues. Additionally, it should mention that pregnant women are also susceptible to the risks of lead poisoning, which can harm both the mother and infant. Use a lead based paint addendum in your lease agreement, or contract, to ensure that residents are informed of the hazards, and to protect you against legal action in the case of poisoning.

As landlord, you should know that most types of housing in all states are required to fulfill the lead based paint disclosure requirement, including publicly-owned, privately-owned, and federally-owned buildings. Those selling or leasing a home typically must allow for a lead-based paint inspection for potential buyers or lessees in order to assess any lead based risks. Homebuyers may waive this right, or may complete a written agreement with the seller to extend this inspection period. In a rental situation, this is usually handled with an explicit statement in the lease or with the lead-based paint disclosure.

Our lead based paint disclosure form includes details on how to avoid damage, and gives you the opportunity to disclose information on inspections that have cleared the building of any lead-based risks. By performing an official inspection and listing these steps in your lead paint disclosure, you can take precautions to protect your assets and future. In most cases, the landlord or management is legally required to retain each signed lead based paint disclosure form for at least three years from the move-in date.

There is no need to worry about whether your lead-based paint disclosure form is legally compliant with the lead disclosure form available at LandlordStation.com. Purchase yours today.

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